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Imagine what you could do if money and time were no object?  Could you make a difference? TeamONE can help you.  

Who is MyFunLIFE?

MyFunLIFE is a company dedicated to helping you have FUN and get more out of life. By positioning themselves in the largest markets, capitalizing on the hottest trends, and utilizing the latest technology, they have created an unparalleled opportunity unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Beginning with Travel, MyFunLIFE will offer the most exciting lifestyle related products to benefit you (the Members), your family, and the world.

MyFunLIFE Mobile Apps

Globally, the Mobile App business is exploding! In 2011 the app business generated around $8.5 billion worldwide and it is estimated that by 2016 that number will reach 46 billion. Mobile Aaps will offer innovative new capabilities and business models. MyFunLIFE is at the forefront of this latest shift in technology and can help you get involved at the ground level.

The MyFunLIFE Travel app is just the first of many…

Who is TeamONE?

When you work with Team ONE you are joining a community of MyFunLIFE members and leaders who are all dedicated to your success. Our organization is made up of network marketing industry leaders from all around the World who have come to Team ONE to build the MyFunLIFE opportunity and are dedicated to the success of their teams and to working with the Team ONE organization to help all members regardless of who their upline is within our Team.

TeamONE Resources

There are numerous benefits in joining the MyFunLIFE business opportunity with a TeamONE sponsor. Here are just a few:

  • Exclusive training delivered by the Corporate Trainer
  • Exclusive viral lead generation system with 10 bonus leads just for joining. Many ways to earn more
  • TeamONE branded marketing resources including graphics and landing pages


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join MyFunLIFE?

MyFunLIFE has a number of membership options – starting with FREE. For additional benefits there is a $25 a month membership fee which is payable, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

Do I have to sponsor anyone?

No, you do not have to recruit or sponsor anyone. Our Compensation Plan is structured so that you can earn through the Matrix down to 3 levels without recruiting a single person. There is no guarantee, however, that your Matrix will fill up through “Spillover” from your upline, but it is possible. However, our most successful income earners do share the benefits and opportunity of MyFunLIFE with others.

Is there training available?

Our business model is so simple you can earn while you learn. There is training available, but you can begin sponsoring new Members immediately after you sign up.

TeamONE has exclusive training for members on MyFunLIFE, internet Marketing, social media marketing and much more

Are there marketing resources?

Both MyFunLIFE and team one have a multitude of marketing resources available, including, email templates, presentations, videos, banners, and affiliate websites.

In addition TeamONE offers and EXCLUSIVE lead system free of charge to it’s members, which automatically generates leads.

How do I find out more?

If you want more information you can fill out the contact form on this page, or click here to take a video tour – and don’t forget to claim your free membership.

Trips with a purpose

What if you could truly make a difference? What if money was no object? What if you weren’t bound to 9 to 5? Ever thought how you could change others lives? At MyFunLIFE we give you an opportunity to do just that. It’s not just about making money, though we love that. Imagine going on a Corporate FunTRIP cruise around the Caribbean and spending some time with the children at an orphanage in Belize. With Trips with a purpose, you get to donate your most valuable resource …YOU! Now wouldn’t that truly be AMAZING?

What did you do on your trip?

    • Got a Tan – Check!
    • Relaxed – Check!
    • Had Fun – Check!
    • Helped Someone Less Fortunate! – CHECK!

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